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Whether your venue is a boardroom, a conference room or main stage presentation, we take each one just as seriously, addressing each environment’s unique requirements.  By helping you to create simple and effective messaging, we can create an easy to follow, visual presentation that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Customized Presentations & Event Support That Fits Your Needs

Your presentation is more than just another document. It is visual storytelling to engage and grab your audience’s attention.  Meta Group Media will help you write, design and deliver visually compelling presentations to meet your needs for any occasion.

We Create Amazing Presentations

Bring Your Messages to Life

We aren’t a one size fits all type of agency. We will work with you to determine your needs, big or small and then work around you. We start by asking a lot of questions, so we understand your story, your audience and what you want your audience to takeaway.

Powerpoint doesn’t have to look like Powerpoint

We love to break the mold, breaking free of the standard bullet points and creating impactful illustrations to ensure every slide gets its message across rather than putting them to sleep.

Industries Serviced

  • Tech
  • Industrial
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Retail

Presentation Design
& Development

  • Corporate Pitch Decks
  • Main Stage Presentations
  • Small Stage Presentations
  • Corporate Templates
  • Trade Shows
  • Events & Experiences

The Meta team did an amazing job providing presentation & trade show services for my company. They support my needs whether it is a basic Powerpoint deck for an important meeting or a full service turnkey solution for an event. It’s like having a full service marketing department at my fingertips.

Per Dybwad, Alevo

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